Vetren actor Qavi Khan dies of heart attack in Canada

The bad news is that the famous and talented actor Qavi Khan recently died in Canada from a heart attack.

Qavi Khan is a highly regarded and well-rounded veteran actor in Pakistan. With a career that has been accumulated for many decades He has played a key role in the growth and development of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He originally started his career in the entertainment industry as a radio operator. and finally made his television debut as a child actor in a radio drama.

Qavi Khan was born in 1942 in Peshawar, Pakistan and will turn 80 in 2023. One of his most successful retro black and white dramas are the popular PTV dramas “Lakhon Mian Teen” and “Andhera Ajala. He continues to be actively involved in the Pakistani TV industry until 2022, showing his talents in popular dramas such as “Meri Shehzadi”, “Pehchaan” and “Ishq Jalebi”.

It is worth noting that Qavi Khan has received several prestigious awards for his outstanding work in Pakistan’s entertainment industry including the Pride of Performance Award, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Nigar Awards. Starred in more than 200 Pakistani films and has been involved in acting since the 1960s.

The President of the Arts Council recently announced that Pakistani actor Qavi Khan has died in Canada after a heart attack. as soon as the news spread through social media The people he loved were sad. upon hearing of his departure Crowds of people went to pray that Allah would grant him the highest place in Jannah (Paradise).

Are you interested in watching Pakistani actor Qavi Khan’s drama on television? After reading this article You will never forget to pray for forgiveness from the deceased. We pray that Allah (SWT) may grant Qavi a lofty place in Jannah and grant patience to his family.

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