TikToker Ali Hyderabadi Click Wedding

Ali Khan @ Ali Hyderabadi was born on 24 Jan 1998 in Hyderabad. Ali Khan Hyderabadi is one of the famous Pakistani TikTokers who has a huge number of fans. An example of overcoming adversity will be examined. Personal interest and innovative thinking style about celebrities who have achieved different levels of success and breakthrough in the world of TikTok. TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi unique style is well loved and well known. no matter where they are in the nearby network

At the beginning of his career He has very little fame and he left TikTok after half a year of use. But he soon joined the platform again and started transferring new high-profile recordings. Ali Hyderabadi has as many as 9.8 million followers on TikTok and 376k followers on Instagram.

Winter in Pakistan is definitely the season for weddings and engagements. We saw many celebrity marriages this year as well. And it looks like this year’s wedding season has extended to the final days of the upcoming Ramadan. Many new couples are getting married. Just like trending celebrities, we also have TikTokers who are famous among the masses and people are looking forward to news about their private lives.

TikToker Ali Hyderabadi is the latest to tie the knot. He married fellow TikTok star Zainab Ali and the couple shared stories of their big day with their fans.

Both Ali and Zainab opted for a beautiful blend of white and gold. Ali wore an ivory and white sherwani. The bride wore a white and gold garara paired with a traditional red dupatta. Here are some pictures and videos from Ali Hyderabadi’s wedding ceremony and the couple looked very happy and in love:

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