Ozge Torer Bio and great clicks

Ozge Torer (born 16 August 1998) is a Turkish actor. She is best known for her role as Bala Khatun in the Turkish TV series Kurulush Osman. In the drama she played Burak Ozchivit (Burak Ozchivit). Torer was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1998. She Lived in Silivri, Turkey until graduating from high school. Then continued her studies at the Mugla Sitki Kochman University. There she was awarded for theatrical roles. Torrer, who previously served as a host on a small TV show. Received 2 Best Actress Awards (one being Crystal Ball) for her performance as Bala Katun in 2021.

Beginning of her career
Ozge Torer began her acting career at the age of 20 when Bala Khatun played Kurulus Osman instead of Burak Ozchivit as Osman. She lives in Istanbul and is a big fan of Ataturk. She also enjoys swimming and horseback riding. too

awards and achievements
As you know, Kuruluş Osman is the first Torer platform to participate in national competitions. She has never been nominated or won an award before. We undoubtedly wish and wish this outstanding actress many awards in her acting career.

She only appeared in one TV series, but Ozge Torer has captured the hearts of many around the world. In the TV historical series “Kurus: Ottoman,” she played the role of Balacadon. Wife of Ottoman I of the Ottoman Empire Along with Brake Ozkivitt after Burak Ozchivit, Ozge Torer is the highest paid actress in the Kurulus: Osman series.

Within a year, Ozge Torer had a huge following on the social network. Her Instagram followers exceeded 123,000+ and were growing rapidly. She likes Mercedes-Benz cars.

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