Nest Aware Free Trial In 2022

Many people don’t think about adding a camera to their home security system, and then it’s already been a while!

There are a lot of things you can do without your phone.

If you choose not to subscribe to Nest Aware, you can still view your live video stream, but it will only be available for 30 minutes after

When Nest first launched its smart home hub, it didn’t provide anyone with recorded videos unless they had a Nest Aware subscription.

You can also see up to three hours of recorded footage, but you need Nest Aware to do it.

Some people don’t want the additional fees associated with a subscription, but they still value the features it provides.

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How long is it without a subscription for Nest Video?

You’ll be able to view up to three hours of recorded footage from your camera if you don’t subscribe to Nest Aware.

You can also look at a single frame from a video you captured for as long as you want.

This footage can be viewed in your web browser or through your Nest app.

You can access recorded videos by logging in and selecting your device, then clicking the Camera’s Video History icon.

With all of this on-demand content, why would you need a subscription:

  • Doorbell notifications
  • Motion-based alerts
  • Access to live video stream
  • Still image snapshots for face or motion detections

You can go to on your computer or mobile device.

Is this true? Go to the Subscriptions section. You’ll be able to log in to your account

If you have more than one house, it’s smart to choose the one with a free trial.

After buying your Google Nest camera you may be willing to pay less per month for Nest Aware than for Nest Aware alone.

Does each nest cam need a subscription?

With Nest Aware, you’ll get one monthly bill that covers any cameras and doorbells in your network.

Unlike some other smart cameras, the price does not increase if you add on more devices.

Do I have to pay a monthly amount for the house?

There are many basic features without a monthly subscription. If you want to get the premium features, you need to subscribe. The standard plan is $6 per month, while the Nest Aware Plus plan is $12 per month.

For 30 days, you can try out the Nest camera for free. You will have to pay a monthly fee if you decide to keep it.

You will be able to view video recordings for up to 30 days if you subscribe to the service. This time frame can be increased to 60 days with a Nest Aware Plus subscription. No matter which plan you choose, you will have access to the following features when you subscribe.

  • Intelligent alerts: Get notified when the camera detects people or sounds.
  • Activity zones: Choose which parts of your home will trigger motion alerts.
  • Share clips: Share video footage for as long as it’s in your video history, or download clips to store video permanently.

24/7 video recording is one advantage of Nest Aware Plus. Your camera will record video at any time. If motion is detected for 60 days, the footage will be stored for that time.

Can the cameras record in the local area?

Video footage can be stored on the cloud. This is more secure than storing footage on a hard drive.

Video footage is stored in the cloud with the help of Nest Aware. This is more secure than storing it on a hard drive, but there is a way to record it locally.

  1. Open your web browser and go to the public link for your camera.
  2. Find the source code for your camera’s output stream. You can do this by using the “Inspect” tool and clicking on the video.
  3. Now, open your VLC player.
  4. From your player, go to “Tools,” then “Preferences.” Next, select “Input/Codecs,” and finally, “Files.”
  5. Set your storage location to either your hard drive (HDD) or network-attached storage (NAS).
  6. Click “Media,” then “Open Network Stream.”
  7. Paste the link to your camera, then press “Play.”
  8. This will open the video from your camera. Press “Play” again, then “Record.” Now, all your recordings will be stored locally.

Final Thoughts

Some people don’t want to pay a subscription fee on top of their initial camera investment. If you don’t have a subscription, you can view live-stream video through the app or online browser. Images can be accessed for up to three hours.

You will pay a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of Nest devices you own. You will be able to view the recordings for at least 30 or 60 days if you subscribe.

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