Muhammad Yousaf’s emotional moment at his daughter’s wedding


Mohammad Yousuf, formerly known as Yousuf Youhana, is a Pakistani superstar cricket coach. and a former cricketer and captain. He is currently famous as Muhammad Yusad until he moved to Islam in 2005. He was the fifth non-Muslim to join Pakistan’s cricket team. He scored 1,788 runs in 2006, a world record for most runs scored in a year. And this record has not been broken.

Overall, Mohammad Yousuf scored 15 ODI centuries and 24 Test centuries. Yousuf was banned by the Cricket Board of Pakistan on 10 March 2010 and on this occasion. An official statement was issued against him that he would not be re-elected because he created disciplinary issues and controversy within the team.

As a result of the ban, he announced his retirement from cricket on 29 March 2010. He also received great recognition from the Government of Pakistan for his services and contributions. Veteran Ricket announced his daughter’s wedding on his Twitter account with a helpful and heart-warming message.

He posted a gorgeous photo of her daughter dressed in a bridal gown and covered in a black shawl. He stood beside her and raised his hands above his head. He wrote while calling his daughter his doll and added that the day has finally come when you have to leave my house and it seems tomorrow my house is full of cheers and louder. Oh my daughter and my sparkling eyes! Goodbye. We love this lovely caption and picture.

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