Lover Story: Salman Shahid and Wife Tahira Reveal Their Old Marriage Story

Salman Shahid is an unmatched talent in the industry. He is a legend who has given us countless characters to remember forever. Salman Shahid has been working selectively since the beginning of his career. so any project Whichever he chooses will gain a lot of credibility and audiences will follow. He is an introvert and we generally don’t find much in his interviews. But this year he changed this interview when he brought his wife Tahira Salman to Nida Yasir’s Shaan e Suhoor and it wasn’t a joy for his fans.

Salman Shahid and Tahira got married 5 years ago and this is their first interview together. They are a beautiful couple. And the couple is very upfront about how they met, the candidates, and the challenges they face when deciding to marry at a mature age.

Salman himself is an introvert. But his wife is a quarrelsome person. She is sweet and lively and shares their stories with the audience. She said that they had known each other for many years and had met through mutual friends. After a long time of acquaintance, Salman finally proposed to her. She took some time to discuss the matter with her two children. Salman discusses his decision with his daughter. And finally she said yes and they tied the knot:

Tahira also said it was a good idea to discuss the decision with her children. Their love is very important to them and their children are happy when they are together.

Here’s what she shared:

The couple also shared the adjustments to make when you get married as you get older. They say that they both have their own lifestyles and that humans are strict at a certain age, which causes conflict:

They also shared beautiful pictures from their wedding with the audience. Check it out:

Salman Shahid and Tahira Salman are a beautiful couple, and fans had a fun time watching them reveal their love story honestly.

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