Life Story Of Wasim Akram First Wife Huma Wasim

Life Story Of Wasim Akram First Wife Huma Wasim

Legend Cricketer Wasim Akram and his Australian wife Shanira Akram are among the favorite couples. Wasim Akram, who is very fond of Shanira, still remembers a part of his heart with the memories of his first wife.

On the 11th anniversary of his first wife, Wasim Akram paid homage to her in the best words.




Wasim Akram wrote in an Instagram post, “Verified. You will never be forgotten, you have given me the greatest gift (son) that is growing and carrying your spirit forward. You are gone but goodness is not gone, you are always in our hearts. Huma Mufti Akram.



Remember that Huma and Wasim were married on October 12, 1993. Huma, from Karachi, first saw Wasim playing for Lancashire in London. The two became friends, after which they tied the knot. His barat was held in Karachi and Walima in Lahore. They have two sons, Timur and Akram.


Huma, a psychologist with a master’s degree in English literature and psychology, also worked at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for some time.


In October 2009, Wasim Akram was being flown to Lahore by a chartered plane in the presence of a doctor and a nurse. After his condition became critical, he was taken to India where he remained for 42 years. Died at the age of just 42 years.


The legendary cricketer married Shanira Akram of Australian descent in 2013, with whom he has a daughter, Aila. Aila was born in 2014.


After meeting Wasim Akram, she called her daughter and expressed confidence in the person she liked and thus Shanira became Wasim Akram’s life partner.


Shanira married Wasim Akram according to Islamic customs and traditions. Renowned Pakistani batsman and preacher Saeed Anwar recited the Kalima to Shanira Thomson and performed the marriage ceremony of the two at the marriage ceremony held on August 12 in Lahore. Gone Shaneera also joined Wasim Akram during a special session on a TV program on the occasion of Eid last year.





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