Kiran Ashfaque was heavily criticized for wearing inappropriate clothing during Sehri.

Kiran Ashfaque Hussain Dar is a gorgeous Pakistani influencer, model and social media actress. She is ex-wife of great actor Imran Ashfaque. Kiran Ashfaque is back in acting and modeling. Recently, her video from Sehri is circulating on social media. In the video, Kiran Ashfaque is Cooked paratha for social media influencer Rranay. She cooked perfect crispy paratha which got a lot of compliments but her Sehri dress was criticized by fans. Watch the video shared by Rranay first.

The public was heavily criticized for her dress, with most fans saying that her dress was not appropriate for Sehri, deep neckline, French nails. sleeveless And her opening hair received a lot of public criticism. Some people fooled her badly because of her revealing outfit choices. Many accused her of being assertive after the divorce. Many people complimented that it was even more beautiful. Some social media users do not recognize her.

Most people say these actors are mocking the spirit of Ramadan, which is about doing devotion and eating simple food. spend time with family They said the performers were celebrating Ramadan like a festival instead of doing ibadah. Here are the comments:

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